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Given the chance, would you change your DeviantART Name/Handle? 

108 deviants said Yes
76 deviants said No
25 deviants said Maybe

Devious Comments

tigaer Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
clear no... :)
tibro Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2005   Digital Artist
when i used to play online games i came up with thousands of names that i was always hopping from one to the next after a couple of weeks. Then i decided that it was stupid and promised myself that i would create a name (not saying how :lol:) that has a meaning to me (and its not about some village in sweeden :| ) and that i would never change it as long as i could remember it! :)
mkh2 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2005
No... I've thought about it - once - but I had actually given it lots of thought before picking my name. It's merely the initials to by penname, and I simply added a '2' to it (like it's Jr. or II or something similar) because my accounts include fanart and it is done purely for my own personal enjoyment. That was always the reason I've been so hesitant about making any new account in the first place -- my first email address was okay; my second one... very childish. These days I actually think before typing a suggestion for an email. XD
Jaaku-Monkey Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2005   Digital Artist
I don't like my monkey ending, make me seem childish ... :)
trancetime Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2005
I don't like my name.
It's not my fault... I was young and reckless!!
Groxx Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2005
I think... it'd be nice to have the option for paying members, but shouldn't ever be implemented for free. I know one I -might- want to change to if I had the opportunity, though.

lol, maybe you could charge a few bucks to change the name, to make some extra money and discourage changing it often.
Kalooeh Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2005
hell no! this is my name! MINE! -growls and hisses- i dare you to try to take it! -gurgles stupidly-
richardlai Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2005
I'm happy with mine for an obvious reason. :D
ColdFlame1987 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2005
i really want to change it into my real name,
coldflame is just DUMB! i made it when i was a gamer. and now i am stuck with it.

hey man, your a senior member, get deviantart to implement THIS!
please man, i am begging you! :aww:

cheers Kam
buttericin Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2005  Student
ohmygod yes. i HATE my name. especially seeing as i didnt but the G on the end. *cries* i hate it so much. i wish they had some sorta thing where you can change your name, if you want to, once every 2 years or something....obviously not randomly whenever you want, coz then noone wld know who anyone was!!
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