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Would you eat genetically modified food? 

57 deviants said Yes
32 deviants said Not sure
14 deviants said No

Devious Comments

I've been eating genetically modified food since I was born. :)
livestock (cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, etc.) have been eating genetically modified foods for years. yes, years. and the livestock population is fine. unless there is some twit out there that thinks he can link mad cow to modified corn...

if it doesn't hurt them (think how many millions, maybe billions, of farm animals have been feasting on this stuff already... and they are just fine...) then it's probably safe to say it would be ok to eat for us, of course testing of any new agricultural product in the united states is conducted by the FDA. if it was on the market, i would feel safe eating it.

who... doesnt... trust... the... government... hehe...
yosh-dewd Jul 12, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
of course , as long as it doesnt cause any harm
Burning-Liquid Jul 11, 2004   Photographer
yeah i think so:p
tigaer Jul 11, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
not sure :-S
Sure, if it tastes and looks like
"Steak & Eggs!"
madbrainsurgeon Jul 11, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Doesn't really bother me if it is there I will eat it
arporter Jul 11, 2004   Interface Designer
sure. when u know the science (or some of it) you realise the danger isnt to us but to the environment
So we modify all food to be the same, have the same characteristics and the same immunities. Thus a disease that can kill one, kills all. Then we have no more of this food.

I do eat it, but i dont want to. Unfortunately, there are no labels that tell you.
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