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Is it better to play games on a PC or a Console? 

313 deviants said PC
237 deviants said Console
51 deviants said No Idea

Devious Comments

Nuukeer Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2009
PCs utterly destroy consoles. Sadly, most games are now crappy console ports, which also seriously holds back the graphics on the PCs. I mean, after 2 years, no game comes close to crysis in graphics. So I've not been playing any games for along time now.
KD1only Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009
I always play through Console and never the pc .. but I might try it soon
JDWasabi Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Depends on the game:

PC: FPS, RTS but requires updates in software/hardware and sometimes it lags.

Console: you buy a game and it'll work pretty instantly. Also a lot more games are available for consoles both first and second hand.
syragon Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2009
What kind of question is that... strategy is better on the pc. you have better peripheral devices, obviously
GhostHead-Nebula Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2009
Console is kinda better, but since I dont have one I play in PC.
Catwagons Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
I can say shooters are MUCH better on a PC. The only problem I have is that some of them require uber specs, which are a lot of money :(
bloknayrb Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Console, only because the games are made for the hardware and you don't have to constantly upgrade, otherwise PC.
beeurd Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
If you get into the technical side then consoles can never beat PC gaming.

Butttt despite this consoles seem to be pretty popular so it comes down to a preference. I tend to prefer certain types of games on different formats.

Racing games, platformers and other arcade-style games I'd probably have on console. Wipeout HD is pretty awesome on PS3, lol.

RPGs and MMOs definitely remain in the PC domain for me. I play World of Warcraft and it would be entirely impractical to play on a console control pad (hence why Blizzard have never released it for consoles).

Strategy games (your Command & Conquer or SimCity type games) again should stay on PC. Although recently EA seem to be butchering the genre to make them easier to play on consoles. The older ones you definitely have an advantage with keyboard and mouse.

FPS games (Call of Duty, etcetera) are better on PC. However due to the popularity of consoles I am forced to get Call of Duty 4 on Xbox 360 because all my friends play it on that. Infidels. :P
beeurd Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Not to say I'm totally against consoles though. Over the years I've had:
Master System II, GameBoy, PS1, PS2, GameCube, PS3, DS, Xbox 360.

Consoles are fun, but I always prefer PC gaming for the serious stuff. ;)
Zennigame02 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I think that both are ok to play but I think that it depends on the game and on the pc's memory ^^!
rockyashby Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2009  Student Filmographer
depends what you want from gaming, pc is hardcore gaming - high quality graphics, fast paced and so on, where as consoles were meant as pick up and play, easy, fun and not to serious (well its not meant to be too serious, but some people take it too far).
Naroku-san Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009
LordDaroth Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
PC's are always better imho.

I have downlo... bought MANY games (really, a shelf is filled)and PC is for gaming. It's just it is. Period:)
BluedragonINK Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009
I depends on the game in my opinion
floydier86 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
PC, but I have both a gaming PC and an xbox 360... but I have funner on my computer screen... tweaking the graphics and so on, and with MODS than on the console. even though i have about 30+ 360 games, and only like 10 PC games.

so yeah.

ive been playing console games since i was like 5 (I'm 22 now) Mortal Kombat 3 was my first good game on SNES.

My favorite now is a tie between Crysis, CROSSFIRE, and FALLOUT 3. but really, i have so many of them it's hard to choose.
CenturionBR Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
I play on pc since I was 2 years old, so...
And I prefer FPS and RTS games, which I think it's much better to play on pc because you have more accuracy with the mouse.
priteeboy Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hate using the keyboard for anything other than typing, and I havn't touched a joystick since I was 6 maybe :lmao: I'm definetily a console there's no lag either since unlike computers that vary depending on how good a one you can afford - comsoles are all built with the same stuff :31:
KukikoSesshou Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009
Its hard to say, both has their Pros and Cons. Games that can only be played on PC or Console, for example.
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