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If you were pregnant with Darth Vader's baby, what would you do? 

81 deviants said Wonder how it could be possible that I'm pregnant in the first place!
30 deviants said Sleep around a little, then try to convince someone else that is was theirs.
27 deviants said Happily have the baby.
16 deviants said Something else.
14 deviants said Get an abortion.
6 deviants said Lose my will to live.

Devious Comments

Jump into the pit at carcoon...the nesting place of the all powerful Sarlaac. :D
ROFFLE, sleep around a little ;p
I'd take Darth Vader to Jerry Springer and tell him I'm pregnant with his baby/babies...with my luck it'd be triplets...runs in the family
Well, I suppose it could be possible if it was Darth Vader's baby. The Force has been known to do weird things before. But I'd name the baby Dark Helmet, and I couldn't be sued for copyright infringement because, well, my man's Darth Vader. Aw yeah.
lafa Jun 13, 2005   Interface Designer
i would be :wtf: when and where?

nah you forgot. kill that huge black force using :jedi:
Is this Pre or post skin charred off?
bohe Jun 10, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
rule the galaxy with him ^_^
Maybe to look for Darth Vader and scream him: WHAT DID YOU MAKE ME!!! NOW YOU'LL HAVE TO MAINTAIN HIM OR HER! :giggle:
I'd Hav the baby, and train it in the arts of the Dark Side.

Whats to wonder about? I think it would be obvious that to have a child, intercourse is necessary. It's not like they don't have reproductive organs.
alienation Jun 10, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
What? If I'd have a baby of the evilest, cruelest, and incredibly hot (before the cybermakeover, of course) vilain ever? DAMN STRAIGHT I WOULD.
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