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Has your computer ever crashed while you were drawing? 

99 deviants said Yes it has.
30 deviants said No not yet.

Devious Comments

LordReserei Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Not while drawing or creating graphics, but it has after around an hour or so of editing video and losing everything because I forgot to save. lol
Virtical Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2005
yeah, ive lost a bit of work to crashes, i get stuck into it and forget to save >.<
kecen Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2005
Not really, but photoshop tends to lag if I don't erase the history.
tigaer Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
not my whole machine... but PS can be a hell of a bitch sometimes.
humansacrifice Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2005
not yet (but then again I have got a Mac) :)
Addininth Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2005
mmmmm, how I can say it...???

zillions times and I don't learn form them.

Repeat all with me "autosave is good"

Doc-Shadow Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've lost all sorts of work... although not on my new computer yet, had to do resets of PS because of wierd things (Luckily I could still save) but no crashes.
One time I lost 5 hours of video editing to a crash... that and I lost about 30 hours of work on a video total because the hard drive ate the data twice.
Psyco-Giant Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2005
The computer I currently own has never crashed on me for no reason ( reason = ie. punch pc ) but my adobephotoshop has crashed many times on me while im using it.
willyb246 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2005
Yes! So, do you have an answer to this dilemma?
NOMORENAMES Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, many times. And then, a friend of mine thought it would be funny to turn it off while I was doing a project for DA.
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