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In the continuing battle of Good vs Evil, who do you think will ultimately prevail? 

99 deviants said Good.
57 deviants said Evil.

Devious Comments

IncanusSenex Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012
Who will prevail? Not our species as we are developed today. Another 'Homo Superior' might save the Homo Genus. We can always hope.

And as a final thought... Greece is collapsing, the Iranians are getting aggressive, and Rome is in disarray. Welcome back to 430 BC.
khorask Featured By Owner May 12, 2012
I don't really have much of an opinion.. though I often read things like "one can't exist without the other"..

can someone explain this to me ?
kadaeux Featured By Owner May 14, 2012
Good needs Evil to retain any definition.

If we magically erased all evil (from our perspective) from the world and fast forwarded time say, 300 years, those people wouldn't have any good in their life. It'd be 'normal' expected, indeed, such a society would be literally incapable of recognising a good act because that would be all it knows.

The inverse applies. A society without good of any kind wouldn't recognise evil as wrong. It would just be normal.
kuroicalidra Featured By Owner May 11, 2012
Good is apathetic and self-centered, doing just as much damage as evil. Personally, I'm inclined to think that morality is irrelevant because it's so situational and dependent on definition--after all, the way we see good and evil can change hourly, and it's mostly driven by self-interest. But forced to make a choice...I see the so-called "good" crashing and burning. There is little or nothing that's truly good in this world--plenty of evil, though.
Cobalt358 Featured By Owner May 10, 2012
neither, one can't exist without the other.
viremaster Featured By Owner May 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good and evil... one does not exist without the other.

They are both relative to.
When one steals from another, the one who is stolen from will say it was a evil thing to do, but the stealer's kids that are fed by the money made by selling the stolen goods might think its a good thing.
Urus-28 Featured By Owner May 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Both are human creation and there is no chance to have something final in this.
Good and Evil depend of each other to exist, there is no good if evil does not exist as the contrary.
The only ultimate thing you can find is no more human and no more of these values.
priteeboy Featured By Owner May 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I heard a good quote once: "The only thing it takes for evil to triumph is for the good to do nothing"

Very true. Sadly good rarely "wins" at anything, but what it does do a lot of is holding back the powers of evil. Good may not be a big bear attacking and beating a smaller bear, but it's at least a tranquilizer dart that will subdue said bear ;) But people with good intentions rarely make it into politics, that's full of self-serving liars who will say anything to withhold their status. People who are kind and thoughtful are less likely to move up in their job environment than that sneaky little bastard who sucks up to the boss and blames other employees for bad shit he did and takes credit for other people's work. And sometimes - like it or not, people who steal or cheat their way through life never actually get caught out and really do live a better quality of life thanks to betraying and ripping off others :doh:

Good has the power to win, but it's too much of a pussy to be as assertive about doing so as evil is :judge:
Emn1ty Featured By Owner May 7, 2012
It comes down to how one paints themselves. Evil constantly disguises itself as good, and evil must sometimes be done to achieve the greater good. Where Good and Evil prevail over each other may determine which comes out on top in the end. "You may have won the battle, but you've lost the war" comes to mind.

I don't believe in such black and white interpretations of the world. There is good, and there is evil but nothing can be easily placed into one category or the other. Everyone has their reasons, their convictions and their priorities. It just comes down to how they act on them and whether that is good or evil is determined by popular opinion.
ONI-Defense Featured By Owner May 7, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Neither, each depends on the other to create balances.
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