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Ever been attacked by a crazed moth? 

50 deviants said Yes, but we both lived to tell our tale.
44 deviants said Yes, and the moth lost the ensuing battle.
17 deviants said No, but i do hate big hairy things that cant fly straight.
13 deviants said No, never encountered one.

Devious Comments

Jess-eye Aug 31, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
I have two frogs, so the moths try to stay away from our house now. I never feed moths to them though, I think the're too cute.
i've had many an encounter with a moth... this 1 time, this moth was just sitting there, so i grabbed some tissues, grabbed the dude within the tissues and slowly squeezed, it popped like a massive pimple..... it rocked!!!!!!!!! :pee:
rhinosaur Aug 24, 2004   Photographer
HOLY MOSES~you don't even friends and I went camping and one of the guys had a super flash light and a moth as big as a barbie doll started coming toward us...I hate any kind of bugs with a he turned off the light and my other friend and i were near a light so it started toward us...and i started screaming and grabbed my friend and thats when mothera hit my friend in the face and died...and ewwwwwww...i'm traumatized...i'm not even playing the body of the moth was as thick as a small cell phone...gross..ok i'm done
I can't stand moths or bees and wasps >_<
yes, it took me 2 hours and 13 minutes, but the fucking creature died.

it got frozen, poisoned and drowned all together. I used deadorant! :devilish:

after that I used a razor to shred it to pieces! :evillaugh:
Moths hate me :| and I hate them :devil:
Its the worst when your in the middle of game and they fly on your screen at like 1AM. it scares me half to death
funnily enough all the more recently since i returned from holiday (where there were millions). Maybe moths have an alyn fetish :o
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