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Are you scared of Spiders? 

52 deviants said No
48 deviants said Sometimes
33 deviants said Yes

Devious Comments

Certified arachnophile here. Killing a spider in my house is grounds for getting kicked out! If there is stuff in my house for them to eat, I would rather that they caught and ate it (damn, I wish there were spiders in my house big enough to eat the roaches that get in!) than that the stuff kept flying/scampering around!
And yeah, I've had as many as 15 tarantulas at one time. It's depressing to me that I have none at all right now :-(
My neighbors find it amusing how I always apologize when I accidentally walk into a spider's web, but I genuinely feel bad when I walk into a freshly made web!
LordReserei Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It depends. A common house spider? Nope...a black widow, brown recluse or some other spider than could take down a human? Hell yeah.
I wasn't...until I thought I'd accidentally killed one. Then it came back to life. :fear:
xeoncat Aug 15, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
I love 'em and I can't kill them, but I don't like to touch them. But I greatly admire their nature =D
I'm not so much scared of spiders, as much as I am compelled to kill them! I don't like how they bite me in my sleep or walk on me without me immediatley noticing. I pretty much hate all bugs... but they have their purpose.
Meh. Damn eight legged freaks.

They're like octupus. Only on land. Their like....landoctopus. Landoctopus. Evil little eight legged demons. I'd rather see Satan crawling across my pillow than a spider.

I hate spiders.
richardlai Aug 1, 2004
I'm fine with the small and bony ones, but I hate those hairy ones, especially when they walk on my palms. >< It tickles a bit! =P
eh... not afraid. Not like I'd sleep in a cage with tons of them, but they really don't do much more than annoy me.
ofember Aug 1, 2004   Digital Artist
PFFT! What liars!
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