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January 25, 2003
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Pluto - Scientific Ed by Hameed Pluto - Scientific Ed by Hameed
The Planets - Pluto (Scientific Edition)

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reallyyyyyyyyy awesomee n very scientific of course loll....greattttt workkkkkkkkkk :D (Big Grin) ...keep it upppp....=P (Razz) Laughing

w/s :D (Big Grin)
snowmask Feb 1, 2003  Professional Traditional Artist
this may sound stupid but I've finally noticed something~~ I seriously like the white chalky outlines~~~ they work terrifically well with those numericals and equations~ adds to the 'science lesson' effect ;) (Wink)
and this is truly gorgeous Love
I used to love Pluto (I still do, but not more than I do Saturn and Earth =P (Razz) ), because she's so shrouded in mystery....
I think this is my favourite out of the entire series, even if its not my ultimate favourite planet~ partly coz of the blue. I'm a real sucker for blue. and partly becoz everything in this piece radiates with the essence of Pluto... I don't know its just so beautiful
or maybe its the blue Giggle

its not :P (Lick)

INsanely well done. This is the last I have seen in the scientific eddition, and am very glad to have taken the time to view them all. I am stunned, suprised and overjoyed by the sheer ammount of work that went into each and every one of these, amd am supremely glad at the popularity they recieved. I enjoyed the series and look forward to the poster-versions.
As of now, at the end of the series , you are added to my favorites;) (Wink) a small if significant request : could you make a overall view of our solar-system just to wrap things up :) (Smile) Also matbe one of the moon , which is after all the closest celestial body ( and the most familiar ). I know this isn't a planet and wouldn't "fit "in the series for that reason, but you cab always call it artistic freedom....

jjay Jan 27, 2003   Photographer
This has to be one of my fav 's so far, the textures are wonderful on Pluto itself and the asteroid details amazing. Nicely done hameed :) (Smile)

tea Jan 26, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
Very Nice ... Have to favorite it for two reasons ... One so I remember to get my lame self back here to check out the rest and Two It's one of my favorite subjects. Of course being a nice piece of work shouldn't really go without saying.
olddragon Jan 26, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
This is great. And the other ones as well. So you can see, astronomy is the most beautiful of all sciences.
Just awesome! The whole series.
Breathtaking beauty of planets combined with solid information about them. great!
cloudcity Jan 26, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
Good job, not my style though
This is excellent!!
It really reaches out to all age groups, really impressed with this.

The whole space theme works excellent, the colours and the writing.

bit of a booboo with the nasa fact though, the 'nasa is has' elsewise I thing it's the best actual-science info image I've seen in an awful long time!

I'm really glad these ones are doing well though !!

Great stuff. You should think about doing one of eeeeeevery!! country in teh whoooooole wide world ! :D (Big Grin)
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