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January 25, 2003
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Jupiter - Scientific Ed by Hameed Jupiter - Scientific Ed by Hameed
The Planets: Jupiter (Scientific Edition)
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kleintologist Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2004
Hey Hameed,

It's an easy understanding. It's all about timing and delivery.

I was quoted once as saying that "Good art is controvery, collaboration, and communication, combined. You have to leave even the most calloused and jaded onlooker with something to talk about. Because in discussion, education is borne... And the very act of education furthers art."

In my "work," I don't really care if you hate my vision. As long as you talk about it, I've achieved my goal. I'm just "an asshole (pardon Moi) with thick skin," after all...

Your work is visionary and captivating. Educating. And enriching.

Color me humbled.

I'll be watching...
rajamatage Featured By Owner May 17, 2003
I love how you created all of these. Many thanks.
zelta Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2003
Oh my god !! This is unbelieveable! You could sell this to some astronomy book ! Really nice idea to put the information in the pic, makes this even more incredible! Really really really really awsome work m8! Keep up the g-o-o-d work!
mikhail-mik Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2003
the big planet :D (Big Grin) +fav
lord-zany Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2003
ah yes, thanks to my horrible ISP the pictures come up far quicker than with IE. Because the color settings are messed, but o well, i can still see how freakin sweet this one is.

I do believe it has a core that would be possible to land on. Cuz nothing is impossible. Even if you could only land for .3232 seconds, it's still a landing.

hey, but im an idiot. so whatever, this is simply an assumption. Love the planet, and the pictuer. quality work.
jupitercore Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2003
Magnificent peice! Very well done and thought-through. And a perfect wall for my machine! (domain: jupiter, machine: Metis). I love the overall style you've used, the colors and scans are beautiful, and the educational information is great, not to mention the planetary statistics.

Definately +fav !

And thank you :D (Big Grin)
pepo Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2003
Clap Clap Clap Clap, All I say, This piece of work is truly Excellent, but, Jupiter don`t have moon called orange (Naranja un panish) ????
This is a Beauty

Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap


rubrenda Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2003
These renderings are beautiful! Wallpaper here we come!
jjay Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2003   Photographer
Nicely done hameed, but being a gas giant and having barely visible rings I think maybe it could have been better to see a more close up image, great use of textures on both Jupiter and IO. Although IO seems a little pixcelated in the dark halo underneath.

allekto Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2003
the detail on this is amazing, as with the entire series. however, i'm curious why you left out any mythological references on this sheet. that's just my thing though... this entire series is gorgeous. i am extremely jealous of your skill.
---------------------------erica lee
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