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April 23, 2009
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Empiria 3840 x 1200 by Hameed Empiria 3840 x 1200 by Hameed
For two 1920x1200 monitors.

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Critiquing a legend is a tough task, let me tell you.
I am a big fan of your art, and have been since the start of my own space art journey. This piece is no different. The detail in the nebula is awesome, the colors are very spacy and rare, which i really like.
It does, how ever, look an awful lot like the rest of your gallery. I mean, obviously you have your own style, but you can obviously pull it off superbly. I would try pushing your limits, trying to add something completely new to your works. Push not only the limits of the "norm" but your own limits as a designer. Throw us all a curve ball.

I also dont like the planet very much. The texture is good, but not very inciting. It seems a little dull to me. The planet itself also seems a bit flat. Maybe if you could see more of the planet, you could really relate the shadows with the highlights.

Other than that, i love it. Great overall work as usual.
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I think this is a beautiful piece. Technically it's perfect. Nothing in it looks man-made or unfinished, at least not at this resolution.

I have three issues with it, and all are closely related, conjoined twins sort of issues. Basically, while it's beautiful and very well made, it is a little boring.

The composision is all diagonal lines. If you took a pinstriped fabric and held it against the image at an angle, it would line up with the way the eye sees this piece. It has a little bit of a flow, but not much. The planet's curve takes me from the left edge to the top edge. The nebula and asteroid belt take me from the bottom edge to the top edge. There's no one thing, or one chain of things, that leads me around the image.

There's no "heat". It's all cool tones, greens, blues, a couple of violets and dull yellows. There are no bright spots and nothing eye-catching. The strongest thing in the image is the planet. A dull pallate can be rather boring.

Last, the image doesn't tell a story. There's no action, no forming planets, no old planets. It's just...kinda there.

I said that all three issues were closely related. Composision and a couple bright colors would lend it more movement (more "story") and make it interesting. In my experiance, good composision (and sometimes color choice) come out of "story". That just means you take a few seconds out of someone's life (this would be a few millinia for a star system) and ask what happened just before, during and what will happen just after the image.

Try, say, giving the planet a moon (maybe even a half-destroyed moon) in the middle left ,between the planet and the asteroid belt, and then putting a comet in the upper right area. Something along those lines. Give the image more movement and "story" and a couple of bright spots.
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da-fees May 5, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
I tell you what, I've been a long time fan your work and this piece is no exception. However it isn't perfect. First let me say that I actually like the color palette. It's not overly dull nor extremely vibrant. It's just fitting and besides while some aspects of space can be pretty and vibrant not all parts of space are this way.

On a related point, technically speaking the planet is well textured and such but it feels a little out of place. Yes it helps move the viewer's eye but it still seems a bit out of place. Also this may be me but the color on the planet in particular seems a little too blue for my taste. Maybe some greens mixed would help.

Also, I notice a lot going in on this piece (considering there's plenty of room for it) however there doesn't need to be. You have the planet, asteroids, nebula, etc. you needn't cram so much in a space just because you can. There is some to be said in being minimal. Albeit not necessarily totally minimal I am reminded of Steve-O-Mac's "I Was There". That is great simple piece with nice colors and the space feels adequately filled up.

What I'm saying is don't always fill up space because you can. Yes there may exist particular spots in our own universe where there is a lot going on but these spots seem minuscule when compared to the entire vastness of the universe.

One more thing I want to add is that you may try spreading things out more. It seems as though you have the planet and the asteroids more closer to the left side leaving the right a little empty. True the nebula is there but even this stretches partly into the left side. I say maybe move the asteroids (or remove them altogether) more towards the right side.

Now don't take this as me totally bashing you because I'm not. I love this piece as I do all your pieces. I just think this piece could use a little more something edgy like your latest piece, "Rose Nebula". Either, you can take my comments with a grain of salt but do keep up the fantastic work.
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